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Sdn Bhd Company for Sale in Malaysia

It’s not easier to do business in Malaysia as foreigner, found information in many places. Still, foreigner like Malaysia as business place, why? There are some advantages and disadvantages as follows: -
Advantages-1. New Sdn Bhd company registration is easier 2. International banks allow to open account 3. Big place of investment

If you can buy a good and fresh company is lucky. At the beginning is eligible to apply of residence visa and start business. No wait for approval news of SSM. Disadvantages-1. Residence visa is main fact 2. Local banks discourage to accept application if directors are foreigner 3. RM 1 million need to start export, retail and manufacture business. Be careful when buy a Sdn Bhd company check the risk factors. Why foreign investors like to buy ready company? They unlike to face hassle of investment and bank account opening. Rather pay money and buy ready company and start business. There are some risks to buy ready company as follows: -

1. Check company status from my data ssm
2. Speak with bank if any loans are taken
3. Speak with company secretary

Sdn Bhd company registration Malaysia is only one right way of new business startup for foreigner. Many companies are offering to sale ready company when search. Price of ready company vary as nature of business and consultancy firms. Although, ready company for sale is a global regular practice now a day. In Malaysia, some company offer costing of RM 4K, 6K etc. How much is the cost to open a company? It’s real cost of Ringgit 1400, apart from Secretary and other official cost. S & F Consulting Firm Asia Sdn Bhd also sale ready Sdn Bhd company by low budget along with bank account.
The seller-Seller should sale the company for the purpose benefit of buyer. Never think about big business and sale a loan, bad record, irregular company. As my knowledge 3-5% people like to buy a company in Malaysia. Actually, buying company is unnecessary as it takes 5-7 days to register new enterprise by SSM. When offer to sale company the seller should keep the company be updated and regular. Dormant company creates hassle.
Sdn Bhd Company